Product Portfolio The "right" Fit
Architecture Serverless Cloud-based Server-based Server-based Server-based
Number of Users   Max 100 Max 500 Max 500 Unlimited
Number of Devices <5 <5 <20 <20 Unlimited
Access Control
Secure Printing  
Mobile Printing  
Advanced Scanning    
Cost Tracking Basic  Basic n/a Advanced Advanced
Job Routing  
Device Management  
Print Room Management        

uniFLOW – On-Premise Suite of Products

Incorporating uniFLOW into a business’ document processes will enhance and improve control and efficiency of multifunctional devices. This powerful software suite is open, modular and configurable so it can be adapted to fit specific needs of different businesses: large corporations, small offices, educational establishments, local governments and internal print rooms. The on-premise solution is available in different versions- uniFLOW, uniFLOW for SMB and uniFLOW Capture.

uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan, and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional printers, scan devices and large format printers to your organization.
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uniFLOW Online - Secure Cloud Printing for Business

Cloud services can transform how today's businesses work, optimizing processes while reducing capital investment. uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud-based printing and acoounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses that will manage your print environment.

uniFLOW Online is the solution that will save costs, enhance security, increase productivity and facilitate central control of all copying and printing processes.

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Universal Login Manager

Ideal for small-sized businesses, the Universal Login Manager provides a simple way for users to identify themselves at the device, where they can access their own personalized print queue. IT departments can also track printing and copying usage without the need for a local server. The Universal Login Manager addresses a number of practical challenges that small businesses face.

With the Universal Login Manager document security can be enhanced, employee productivity increased and control maintained.
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